Alexander Vekker, Ph.D.

Dr. Alexander Vekker is the founder and president of Vekker Consulting, LLC. He is also teaching economics and statistics classes at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Vekker received a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania in 2001.

His research on temporary workers was published in the Journal of Labor Research, and he has also served as a referee for the International Journal of Manpower and Journal of Regional Science.

In his most recent research work, which was published in BMC Genomics, he used his expertise on the application of statistics to contribute to a multidisciplinary research project.

Dr. Vekker's consulting practice focuses on economic and statistical analysis in employment discrimination and wage and hour litigation. He has been retained as an expert in dozens of employment matters. Dr. Vekker testified as an expert witness in federal and state courts. He has also provided his expertise in mediation of numerous matters.

Selected Cases

Dr. Vekker served as a consulting expert for the Plaintiff in the gender discrimination case Amy Velez, et al. v. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation. The jury verdict in this matter was among the largest in an employment discrimination case.

Dr. Vekker's work was substantially relied upon in the hiring case, Cherie Easterling v. The State of Connecticut Department of Correction, in the Court's extraordinary decision granting Plaintiff's motion for summary judgment.

Recently, Dr. Vekker served as an expert in the George McReynolds, et al. v. Merrill Lynch matter and conducted the analysis for the settlement process.

Dr. Vekker currently serves as an expert in the Kassman, et al. v. KPMG LLP matter. The Court has conditionally certified this class action.